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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)


Rhythm Guitar Encyclopedia 2 Cds Audio Cd Jody Fisher Checked

Rhythm Guitar Encyclopedia 2 Cds Audio Cd Jody Fisher Checked

If you are looking for a comprehensive and practical guide to improve your rhythm guitar skills, you might want to check out the Rhythm Guitar Encyclopedia by Jody Fisher. This book and audio CD set contains over 450 rhythms in every musical style, including rock, blues, jazz, folk, alternative, country and more. You will learn how to play different rhythmic patterns, fingerstyle accompaniments, strumming techniques, and chord progressions. The examples are shown in an easy-to-read rhythmic notation, standard music notation and TAB. The audio CDs offer performances of the examples, so you can hear how they sound and practice along with them.

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Jody Fisher is a renowned guitar educator and author, who has been teaching guitar for over 40 years. He has written several books on jazz guitar, soloing, ear training, and harmony. He is also a former faculty member of the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) and the National Guitar Workshop. He has performed with many jazz artists, such as John Abercrombie, Larry Coryell, Herb Ellis, Mundell Lowe, Joe Pass, and Barney Kessel.

The Rhythm Guitar Encyclopedia is a valuable resource for guitarists of all levels and styles. Whether you want to improve your groove, expand your vocabulary, or spice up your songs, this book and audio CD set will help you achieve your goals. You can order it online from [Amazon] or [Alfred Music], or find it at your local music store.


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