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Microsoft Word 2016 15.37 Crack

Microsoft Word 2016 15.37

Microsoft Word 2016 is a word processing application that allows you to create a variety of documents, such as letters, resumes, and more. In this article, we will explore some of the new features and improvements in the version 15.37 of Word 2016, which was released in September 2023.

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New features in Word 2016 15.37

  • Accessibility Checker: This feature helps you to identify and fix accessibility issues in your documents, such as missing alt text for images, unclear link text, or insufficient color contrast. To use this feature, go to the Review tab and click on Check Accessibility. The Accessibility pane will show you the errors, warnings, and tips for improving your document's accessibility. You can also export the accessibility report as a PDF file.

  • Translator: This feature allows you to translate selected text or the entire document into another language. To use this feature, go to the Review tab and click on Translate. The Translator pane will show you the available languages and the translation options. You can also hear the translated text spoken aloud or insert it into your document.

  • Researcher: This feature helps you to find and cite reliable sources for your research papers. To use this feature, go to the References tab and click on Researcher. The Researcher pane will show you the topics related to your query and the sources from Bing, Wikipedia, and other academic websites. You can also add citations and bibliographies to your document using the built-in citation styles.

  • Editor: This feature helps you to improve your writing by providing suggestions for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, conciseness, and style. To use this feature, go to the Home tab and click on Editor. The Editor pane will show you the issues and suggestions for your document. You can also see the statistics and readability score for your document.

Improvements in Word 2016 15.37

  • Co-authoring in real time: This feature allows you to collaborate with others on a document stored on OneDrive or SharePoint. You can see who is working on the document and their changes as they happen. You can also chat with them using Skype for Business or leave comments for them.

  • Tell me what you want to do: This feature helps you to find commands and tools in Word without navigating menus. You can type what you want to do in the Tell me box on the ribbon and see a list of options. You can also use this feature to get help or access keyboard shortcuts.

  • Ink Equation: This feature allows you to create complex mathematical equations using your finger, touch stylus, or mouse. You can draw freehand equations on the equation canvas and Word will convert them into computer text. You can also edit or convert them into linear equations.

  • Smart Lookup: This feature allows you to look up, define, or research words or phrases in your document using Bing. You can see web-based search results, definitions, images, and more in the Smart Lookup pane.

To learn more about Word 2016 15.37, you can visit [the official website] or [the Journal of Accountancy article].


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