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Buku Tuanku Rao Pdf 126

Buku Tuanku Rao Pdf 126: A Review of the Historical Novel by Mangaraja Onggang Parlindungan

Buku Tuanku Rao Pdf 126 is a historical novel written by Mangaraja Onggang Parlindungan, a Batak engineer and politician who was also a descendant of Tuanku Rao, one of the leaders of the Batak resistance against the Dutch colonialism and the Islamic expansion in the early 19th century. The novel was first published in 1964 and has been reprinted several times since then. It is considered as one of the most important works of Batak literature and history, as it depicts the life and struggle of Tuanku Rao and his followers in defending their ancestral land, culture, and religion from the external threats.

The novel is divided into six chapters, each covering a different period of Tuanku Rao's life. The first chapter introduces the background of the Batak society and the origin of Tuanku Rao's family. The second chapter narrates the arrival of Islam in Sumatra and the conflict between the Batak and the Minangkabau people who embraced Islam. The third chapter describes the war between Tuanku Rao and the Dutch forces who allied with the Minangkabau. The fourth chapter tells the story of Tuanku Rao's exile in Aceh and his return to Batak land. The fifth chapter recounts the final battle between Tuanku Rao and his enemies, which resulted in his death. The sixth chapter concludes the novel with a reflection on Tuanku Rao's legacy and impact on the Batak history and identity.

Buku Tuanku Rao Pdf 126

The novel is based on historical sources, such as oral traditions, manuscripts, letters, and reports, as well as the author's own research and imagination. The author claims that he wrote the novel as a tribute to his ancestor and as a way to educate his children and grandchildren about their heritage. He also states that he aimed to present a balanced and objective view of the historical events, without glorifying or vilifying any party involved. However, some critics have challenged the accuracy and impartiality of the novel, arguing that it contains factual errors, exaggerations, biases, and distortions. For example, Prof. Dr. Hamka, a prominent Indonesian scholar and writer, wrote a book titled Antara Fakta dan Khayal Tuanku Rao (Between Fact and Fiction of Tuanku Rao) in 1965, in which he criticized Parlindungan's novel for misrepresenting the role and contribution of the Minangkabau people in spreading Islam in Sumatra and for portraying Tuanku Rao as a hero while ignoring his flaws and mistakes.

Despite the controversy, Buku Tuanku Rao Pdf 126 remains a popular and influential book among the Batak people and other readers who are interested in learning more about the history of Sumatra. It is not only a source of information, but also a source of inspiration. It shows how Tuanku Rao and his followers defended their identity and dignity with courage and resilience. It also shows how they preserved their harmony and unity despite their differences and conflicts. The novel is available in PDF format online for free download or for purchase from various bookstores.


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